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Resetting Your Metabolism

I am an extreme ectomorph. In fact I am 6 foot 3 and only 152 pounds. I recently read an article you published regarding a 10-8-6-15 program for people of my particular body type. However, one thing I noticed is that you suggested doing 6 exercises per workout. That would be a total of 24 sets. So my first question is, is that not too many sets for an ectomorph in a single workout? I would like to hear your thoughts. 

And as far as my second question, I do not have access to a cable machine in order to do pull-downs. Could I substitute bent-over barbell rows for this exercise, and keep the same rep scheme? I could do chin-up/pull-ups, however I would be incapable of completing the desired rep scheme. 

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate any response. With these questions answered I will certainly undergo this program with complete dedication, and if successful, plan on purchasing your book.


My Answer: 24 sets is a lot of sets, but it is within acceptable limits a…

Strength training specific to law enforcment

Q: I am just an avid reader of workout routines and am always trying to find new routines to do. I came across your routine on Return to Cop Land at because I too am entering the law enforcement profession and have found that routine to be easy to follow yet also intense. I was wondering if you had any other routines, or where else I can find other routines to follow especially one who is going into law enforcement? 

Thanks, greatly appreciated!!!

Jim G.

My Answer: I have a number of routines and workouts in my books, but most of them are for bodybuilding.  I'm writing up a book on strength training for law enforcement, so keep an eye out for that.

Now there's some debate as to whether sport-specific training is just a myth.  In other words, do law enforcement personnel need specifically designed strength programs, different from firefighters, military or athletes?  Or can they get by with any cookie cutter program?

Like other tactical and public safety athletes…

Exercises for the Lateral Deltoid


Healthy Drinks Aside from Water

Q:What drinks do you suggest besides water?

My Answer: Aside from water, coffee and tea.  It really depends on your goals.  If you're trying to gain weight, then I don't suggest drinking coffee or tea, as both beverages are thermogenic and will amp you up.  If you're a skinny bastard, then you really don't need to drink something that will give you the jitters and put your metabolism in overdrive.  Skinny bastards are already amped up and anxiety ridden.  They have metabolisms of hummingbirds, which is why they can't gain any weight, because they're burning off all the calories they're ingesting.

Now if you're a fat bastard, then coffee and tea are your friends.  But if you drink coffee, then it should be just regular coffee with some type of cream, no sugar.  So don't get a latte, mocha or frappucino and think, "Aw yeah. Burning off the fat with coffee."  More like fat city.

If you drink tea, then you're going to drink either green tea…

Angled Neck Bridge

Here's an exercise to help increase neck mobility.