Healthy Drinks Aside from Water

Q: What drinks do you suggest besides water?

My Answer: Aside from water, coffee and tea.  It really depends on your goals.  If you're trying to gain weight, then I don't suggest drinking coffee or tea, as both beverages are thermogenic and will amp you up.  If you're a skinny bastard, then you really don't need to drink something that will give you the jitters and put your metabolism in overdrive.  Skinny bastards are already amped up and anxiety ridden.  They have metabolisms of hummingbirds, which is why they can't gain any weight, because they're burning off all the calories they're ingesting.

Now if you're a fat bastard, then coffee and tea are your friends.  But if you drink coffee, then it should be just regular coffee with some type of cream, no sugar.  So don't get a latte, mocha or frappucino and think, "Aw yeah. Burning off the fat with coffee."  More like fat city.

If you drink tea, then you're going to drink either green tea or black tea.  Not Snapple green tea. Loose leaf tea.  Avoid tea bags, as the bleach in the bags will give you cancer. My 70+ year old father-in-law drinks copious amounts of tea everyday, and he has more hair than I do.

So coffee, tea and water are the only drinks I recommend.  One complaint that I hear from people is that they don't like the taste of water, which is weird given that water is tasteless.  People who don't like drinking water tend to like sweet drinks and as a result have a hard time getting lean.  They usually will drink things like Crystal Light or stick drops of liquid flavoring into their water.  If you want a sure way to get fat AND get cancer, then drinking artificial sweeteners is a sure way to do it.

If you need to have flavored water, then drink coconut water.  Coconut water has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  But if you must have a sweet beverage every so often, then I would suggest blueberry juice.  Blueberry juice will help with recovery from workouts.  I find blueberry juice to be too sweet for my tastes, so I mix it with aloe vera juice.  Aloe vera juice helps with digestive health.

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