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The Warrior Physique

After the movie 300 came out, every red-blooded male wanted the "warrior physique."  They wanted to look like the guys in the movie, so they started looking up on YouTube what their training involved.  Trainers started creating their own warrior workouts, Spartan workouts, gladiator workouts, superhero workouts, etc. to cash in on the 300 hype.

When an actor gets ready for a role where he plays an action hero, superhero or a warrior, the studio hires a trainer to assess his physique. Regardless of the starting physique, it is the end result, the physique demanded by the role that counts. For such roles, the actor must have a tall muscular look with wide shoulders, ripped abs.  The actor must not only act like a warrior, the actor's body must also emulate the warrior physique. 

Bodybuilding is essentially cosmetic training, meant to mimic the warrior physique.  This is analogous to a non-poisonous species of snake having evolved to bear the same color pattern as a poison…

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