Damage Control During the Holidays

James, your articles are filled with good information.  Lot's of common sense too!   Glad I found you last year and continue to look forward to reading more.

Best to you,
Patrick D.
Oakley, CA

My Answer: Hey thanks for the kind words Pat.  I just want to say that I appreciate all of the support from you guys and gals, my readers.

I'll leave you with a quick tip before I retire for the holiday week. Christmas is a time to enjoy food and family, so don't deprive yourself at the dinner table. The key to damage control during the holidays is not to prohibit yourself from eating certain foods, but to exercise portion control. Don't worry about what it is you can or can't eat. Go ahead and enjoy some pumpkin pie. Just put smaller portions on your plate. Eat a little of everything that you like, but stop when you're satiated.

Happy Holidays!
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