How to do pull-ups if you can't do pull-ups

I am 6'3" about 220 and not in the best shape or even close. I want to do pull-ups and chin-ups, but I can't! What would be a good progression routine to do pull-ups and chins at home? So far I've been putting my feet up on a phone book and using leg strength to help me. Any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated! 

-J. O'Connor

My Answer: First thing is you need to lose fat.  The less weight you pull, the easier it is for you to do a pull-up.  If you can't do pull-ups and chin-ups, then you may want to start off with inverted rows.

Alternate inverted rows with negative pull-ups.  This is where you prop yourself into the top position of a pull-up and lower yourself slowly, resisting the pull of gravity.


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