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Jim Gaffigan on Bodybuilders


Using Baseline Exercises to Measure Progress

Q: I understand that two of the most important factors in making progress in weightlifting is progressive overload (adding weight, reps, sets every workout) and periodization (changing your routine to prevent stagnation and overtraining).

Where I become confused is how much change is good, and when does it become counterproductive? I see these programs like P90X that are built on constant change for best results, and several programs that hardly every repeat the same rep/set scheme (from 3 sets of 12 to 4 sets of 5 to 2 sets of 20).

Wouldn't it become difficult to measure progress with constant change? Should I have a baseline exercise and just measure against that periodically?

My Answer: Yes, you should have a set of baseline exercises from which to measure progress.  Question is what sort of progress is it that you're looking for?  If you're training for looks, then are strength indicators truly a measure of progress in your physique?

For myself, I train primarily…