Hitting the Power Lifts Once a Week

After reading your material I'm highly intrigued, but I'm curious about "strength as a skill." Currently I'm working on my base strength (squat is 315, bench is 235 and deadlift is 360 ), and if I'm focusing on aesthetics will I lose "the groove"of those lifts? I would prefer to be both strong in the power lifts and have aesthetics, but I'm worried that I'm not staying on top of technique.

- Jason M.

My Answer: You can focus on aesthetics while still improving your strength.  It's just a matter of programming.  Many of my programs utilize microcycling.  There is always a strength focused workout within the microcycle itself.  For example, the 6 Factors Program has a strength focused workout known as the T-Boost Workout.  So with the T-Boost Workout you can focus on the power lifts (squats, bench press and deadlifts), since the workout requires multiple sets of heavy weight and low reps.  This way you work on your power lifts once a week, which is the minimum frequency required to build strength on a lift.


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