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Hi James,
I have been trying out the 8x8 routine, and it is a incredible.  I haven’t experienced muscle fatigue like this before.  I am into my second week of it, and I have made up 4 workout routines.  I am doing it only 4 times a week with 2 days on then 1 day off.  I have a couple questions. 
1)      How many weeks would you recommend doing the 8x8 routine?
2)      Is it OK that I on the 7th and 8th set that I fall short of the 8 reps?
3)      What routine would you recommend after I have finished up this routine, or could I just switch the exercises?
Thank you for your advice.  You books are great I refer to them often.  I only wished I knew about the Ebooks before I bought the paper ones.

My Answer: Follow the 8x8 program no longer than 3 weeks, then afterwards do the 3-5 Method for 3 weeks.  Perfectly fine to fall short of 8 reps on the 7th and 8th set.

I get a lot of questions on what training program to do and what training program to do after a training program I just recommended.  Due to this reader interest, I've decided to offer online personal training.  Although I do train clients in person, most of you readers live outside of the Bay Area.  For those who have expressed interest in training with me but do not live in the San Francisco area, this is the next best thing.  

Many personal trainers have prefab programs that they give to all their clients, regardless of body type or training goals. They take a "one size fits all" approach to personal training.

Now any personal trainer can show you how to perform some basic exercises. Any personal trainer can make you "feel" like you're getting a good workout by exhausting the crap out of you.

Not every personal trainer, however, has the extensive knowledge to design an effective training program to keep you on course and give you results.

Specific training and physique goals require specific training programs. I sit down with you, discuss your goals, assess your body type, and then draw up a program tailored to YOU.

I design programs based on your specific goals, your level of fitness, and the equipment available to you. These programs are very structured and are very effective if you commit to them fully. You would be working with mostly free weights, body weight exercises and machines. You'll also be required to maintain a training and food log.

I'd send you a questionnaire to get a good sense of your training and physique level.  Once I understand your goals and background, then I will write up a detailed program for you to follow. During the program, you can ask me any questions by email. I will send you video links to showcase any particular exercises you're not familiar with.

If you're interested in online training, then email me at
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