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Self Assisted Negative Pull-ups

If you can't do pull-ups, but want to build up the strength to do them, then do negative pull-ups. The strength building tactic shown in this video allows you to do assisted pull-ups without a partner, machine or band.

Strength Curve Trisets for the Biceps

Want massively pumped biceps?  This strength curve triset will blast every fiber in the biceps, making them swell up in size.

Strength and Physique Audio Books?

"I have put some of your arm training ideas to good use. I have found your training ideas very effective. I am a blinded vet. I can access your info with the use of 'screen reading' software.

"I was wondering about the possibility of an audio version of your latest book? With an audio version of your info, I could get the info independently. I know I would get some great info and effective training ideas. Thanks for all the great info that you put out."

D. Allen

My Answer: Thanks for the high praise. Believe it or not, I've actually had a few people request that I do a podcast or release audio versions of my books and sell them on iTunes. I'm not sure how much of a demand (aside from yourself) there is for audio versions of my books.  My books have a lot of complex workout charts, and I can't imagine those charts coming across well in audio.

In the meantime I have released a number of E-books which you can find on Gumroad and Kindle.