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Body Weight Only Programs

Q:Great article on!  I notice Week 3 is missing.  Would you recommend completing week 1-2 program in week 3 or is week 3 a week of no exercise?

Would you utilize this program for training to become physically fit as an officer?  If so, then would you say 15 weeks of increasing intensity and weights be ideal (3 complete rotations through the program)? 

Thanks in advance,

My Answer: Hi Trina, that's a typo.  Week 3 is actually Week 4.  So you do the first phase for weeks 1 and 2, then do phase 2 for weeks 3 and 4. You can go through 3 cycles of the program, which would constitute 12 weeks.

Q:I'm just wondering if you had any routines or advice so I could get my blood flowing again. I used to do judo when I was a teenager but I broke my fibula when I was 20 and I've been kind of scared to work out again since my leg hurts when I stand around for too long- also I don't have any convenient access to a pool so swimming is out of the question.

Anyways. Miss …

Olympic Lifting for the Ectomorph

Q: Hello... Trying to find your routine on Olympic lifts, 3x3 routine from about two years ago... Can you send me the link to it? 


My Answer:  Here you go.

Ectomorph Muscle Building: Nutrition And Training Basics For Muscle Growth

New Article at T-Nation: High Tension, Big Muscle

It's been awhile since I've written an article, but I have a new one at T-Nation titled Create Tension, Build More Muscle. This article goes over how to use strength curve trisets and compound sets to fully blast every fiber for maximal muscle growth. Here's a demonstration of a strength curve triset:

Q: "I have put some of your arm training ideas to good use. I have found your training ideas very effective. I am a blinded vet. I can access your info with the use of 'screen reading' software.

"I was wondering about the possibility of an audio version of your latest book? With an audio version of your info, I could get the info independently. I know I would get some great info and effective training ideas. Thanks for all the great info that you put out."

D. Allen

My Answer: Thanks for the high praise. Believe it or not, I've actually had a few people request that I do a podcast or release audio versions of my books and sell them on iTune…