Being Army Strong 

Q: My name is Jesse, and I need to lose about 40 pounds by June. I'm 16 years old and weigh 225. I've always been bigger than most, and I'm ready to put an end to that.  More importantly I need to lose the weight to go in the career I want, which is the Army. I want to be physically ready when I'm there. I have a gym membership, so can you just give me some lifts that will burn fat kind of quick but help me gain muscle at the same time and maybe a diet plan that won't leave me feeling like I'm not even eating. 


My Answer: If you're looking to go into the Army and you want to lose weight, then I suggest you train as they would in the Army: endless running and endless push-ups.  High volumes of cardio and low-tension calisthenics will make you lose weight.  So do calisthenic exercises like push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, body weight squats, box jumps, lying leg lifts, flutter kicks and pull-ups.

If you can't do pull-ups, then do inverted rows.  For overhead work, do military presses and barbell thrusters:

With all of the above mentioned exercises, shoot for high repetitions (10+) and high speed.  In other words, do the repetitions fast, since high velocity exercises burn off fat better than low velocity exercises.

Now with regards to diet, you're 16 years old, so I have a feeling you don't cook and that your mom is making your meals and that you're eating out.  If that's the case, then work with your mom in planning your meals.  Start substituting salads with a side of meat for meals.  Eat apples for snacks.  Drink only water and unsweetened coffee for liquids.  No energy drinks like Monster, no soda.  No milk or fruit juices.  No white carbs like breads and pastas.


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