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The Lake Merced Workout

I like to do outdoor workouts every so often. Lake Merced has a fitness trail lining the north end of the lake.  I used to train clients at this spot.  Once a week I bring a 50 pound kettlebell to a pull-up station at Lake Merced and do a workout of pull-ups, one arm push ups, pistols and kettlebell snatches.

A fitness trail (a.k.a. parcourse) is a running course with exercise stations scattered at varying intervals.  It's a great way to get some fresh air and sun and combine strength calisthenics with cardiovascular work.

Here's a brutally effective circuit that I used to put my clients through.  The pull-up station at Lake Merced is located next to a downhill path, so we'd do hill sprints as part of the circuit.

The Lake Merced Workout:

Pull-ups, as many reps as possible (AMRAP)Run downhill to the bottom, turn around and sprint up the hill as fast as you canPush ups, AMRAPBody weight squats, AMRAPHanging leg raises, AMRAPRepeat circuit 2-4 more times

High Tension Exercises on Kindle?

Q:Hello, I found your books site off an Amazon search and have several added to my Kindle.  I'm in the middle of one right now, and I'm enjoying it immensely.  I was really interested in the High Tension Exercises book but don't see it available yet as a Kindle book. Any idea if or when it will be???

I saw it available as an E-book from a separate site, but I am pretty sure my wife won't approve of me paying $25 for an E-book. :-(

Was just hoping it would show up on Kindle eventually???

Thanks in advance.
Scott M.

My Answer: Hey, who's the boss, you or your wife?  If you want to buy a $25 E-book, then buy it and prepare to sleep on the couch for a week.  It's worth the investment!  A man's got to have his hobbies.

All kidding aside, thanks for purchasing my Kindle books.  Strength and Physique: High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth, however, will not be on Kindle.  The book goes over the same material in my previous books, but has the added info of the exer…

Mobility Work for Tactical Athletes

Q: I found your Return to Copland workout on line. I am a 41 yr old lieutenant who is trying it. The workouts seem great so far. I'm looking for something to do on the off days. What do you recommend? Rest? Walking? Yoga?

Thank you,

My Answer: Any of those are fine. I prefer doing mobility work on the off days. The following are exercises that I recommend to all tactical athletes (law enforcement, military, fire, EMS). Years of bearing the continuous load of your equipment (bullet resistant vest, duty belt) compresses your spine and constricts your torso movement. This often results in lower back pain as well decreased thoracic mobility. These mobility exercises will restore your range of motion:

Single leg RDL

Accommodating Resistance

Here are a couple of videos where I discuss accommodating resistance: