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Building the Bruce Lee Physique

Q: I've recently stumbled across your blog, and it peaked my interest. I admire the physique you've built up for yourself. 

That's the reason I'm writing to you, because I'd very much like to know how you build muscle density. I don't wish to gain more muscle simply to be big. I'd like my body to have the look of strength, power and speed, much like how Bruce Lee was. I was hoping you could enlighten me on the ways in which one would need to train to build such a physique. 

Would you recommend weight training or training without weights? How much cardio would you recommend? In your opinion what level of balance should there be between developing slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, and how would one change its proportionality? 

-S. Singh

My Answer: Muscle density refers to how thick and hard the muscles look and feel. Muscle density is developed through sarcomere hypertrophy. In other words, the muscle fibers grow by thickening in diameter. This is…

Bodybuilding Out of the Box

We’re all born into a box.You drive to work in a box.When you get to work, you work in a box.You think inside the box.You come home and live in a box.You eat of a box.You even workout in a box.
Some have bigger boxes than others.  What if you were in prison cell?  What if you worked in a submarine?  Or what if you just live in a cramped studio apartment?  How would you train?  How could you build a better body in a box?
A lot of people ask me how to train at home with limited equipment and limited space.  There are a number of reasons why people would want to train at home:
1) You save time. For a commercial gym, you have to drive to there and from there. For a home gym, however, your commute time is ZERO.

2) You can work out whenever you please. Whereas most commercial gyms have business hours, your home gym is open to you 24/7. So you have no excuse to miss a workout.  Since you can work out whenever you please in a home gym, you can work out multiple times throughout the day.  Shorter …