Lat Shock Workout

Q: I want to employ your lat shock routine, but I am on a periodization routine.  I'm working upper and lower every other day.  Instead of putting all 4 exercises in one day, then resting that part for a week, I'm doing it all week.  

If I split up the lat work all week, will it still shock them into growth, or do they need all that work in one sitting?  Or should I do it once a week then the rest if the time do a lightweight lat workout?  Cause exercise done every other day would result in overtraining right?<


My Answer:  The Wingspan Workouts are 4 different WORKOUTS.  So you would not do all 4 in one day.  You can rotate through the 4 workouts through a length of 2 weeks, so that would mean 2 lat workouts a week.

Or you can do one lat shock workout a week, so that would mean 2 lat workouts a week:  one lat shock workout, one light active recovery workout for the back.


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