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Training for the SWAT Pull-up Test

Q: I’m going to be applying for our department’s SWAT team.  Part of the physical test is a 2 mile run and pull-up test.  You got to do at least 2 pull-ups with 50 extra pounds.  Problem is I can’t even do a pull-up with just my body weight.  Sad, I know.   Any way I can train to do a pull-up?

My Answer: If you are having problems doing pull-ups, then here’s how you should progress:

Do you need to lose weight?  Obviously if you are overweight, then that makes it harder for you to do pull-ups.  So if you’re overweight, then embark on a fat loss program.If you can’t do any pull-ups, then you will need to do negative pull-ups to build up your strength: Once you are able to do a pull-up,  then you’ll need to do high frequency training to increase your pull-up endurance.  Set up a pull-up bar at home and one at the office.  Every time you pass by the bar you do a pull-up or two.  Don’t go beyond 5 reps, just do a few reps each time you come to the bar.  Essentially you’re practicing the skil…

Muscle Building on a Busy Schedule

Q:What’s the best way to build muscle when you have the least amount of time?

My Answer: It depends on what kind of schedule you have.  In Strength and Physique: Training the Busy Bodybuilder I show you how to workout on a busy and unpredictable schedule.  This book will show you how to train on a low frequency program to maximize muscle growth.  So if you can get to the gym only 2-3 times per week, then this book is for you.

Now you can also go in the other direction and train frequently, multiple times throughout the day.

I know what you’re saying, “James, I just told you I have very little time to workout.  How can I train multiple times throughout the day?”

You have to audit your schedule and squeeze out time to train any which way you can.  Instead of doing an hour long workout which would block out a portion of your day, you can fracture the workout into mini workouts and inject them in between other activities.

For example, Peary Rader had a one day arm specialization routine wh…