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Mace Curl to Vertical


Building up the Pec Minor with the LaLanne Push Up

In this video I talk about developing the pec minor, which is a chest muscle located underneath the pec major.The pec minor is a thin, flat muscle about equal in size to your biceps muscles.When you build up the pec minor, it can contribute some serious thickness your chest.

The great upper-chest development of swimmers is due to the activation of the pec minor, which is responsible for half of the freestyle stroke.

Most chest exercises stress the pec major as a prime mover and the pec minor as a stabilizer.Very few exercises target the pec minor specifically as prime mover.

The best exercise to target the pec minor is the LaLanne push-up with a narrow hand placement.The LaLanne push up with a narrow hand
placement targets the pec minor, which in turn will "push out" the pec major, making the chest look thicker.