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Is Muscular Failure Bad?

Q:The Program Design for the Ectomorph is by far the best article I have ever read for ectomorphs, which I am, and I've been weight training for over twenty years. You dispel a lot of myths, thankfully. I have some questions.

1. Do you train the above program 3 times a week? 

2. Using Vince Gironda's 10-8-6-15, do you train to failure on each set (i.e. use 10RM / 8RM / 6RM / 15RM) or is training to failure bad for ectomorphs?

3. I've normally trained no more than 12 sets per workout. The above workout is 24 sets. Isn't it a bit much for an ectomorph?

4. I'd like to buy one of your books to read more - which would you recommend for ectomorphs specifically?

Thanks for an absolutely brilliant article.

Leeds, England

My Answer: Yes you would perform the workout three times per week.  With regards to training to failure, yes you train to failure on your 10RM / 8RM / 6RM and 15 rep max.  Training to failure is not best for strength building, but it is good for SIZE build…