Bodybuilding Calisthenics

Can you build a muscular physique on just calisthenics?

Well of course you can!

Just look at gymnasts: These guys don't even touch dumbbells or barbells, and yet they've got ripped muscularity men want and women swoon for.

But not every body weight exercise is going build muscular size. Burpees and mountain climbers are body weight exercises, but they sure as hell don't build muscle. We've all seen people do 50 to 100 push-ups, and yet they don't look muscular at all.  High rep push-ups and sit-ups don't do jack sh!t for building muscle.

Body weight exercises that build muscle are the ones that stress the targeted muscles with high mechanical tension but require minimal coordination.

Strength and Physique: Bodybuilding Calisthenics is about building muscular size solely through body weight training. No fancy gymnastics or acrobatic moves. No plyometrics. No superfluous movements. Just single lines of motion that require strength as opposed to skill. 

Strength and Physique: Bodybuilding Calisthenics reveals:

  • Why high rep only calisthenics (i.e. 100 push-ups) SUCK for building true muscular size.
  • Why high muscular tension is the primary stimulus for EXPLOSIVE MUSCULAR GROWTH.
  • Why exercise variety is crucial for muscle growth, and why it's important to expose your body to numerous body weight exercise variations, not just push-ups, sit-ups and air squats.
  • Why periodization is needed to sustain muscular growth.  Most trainers and trainees have no clue how to modulate reps and sets to bust through plateaus.

Strength and Physique: Bodybuilding Calisthenics is the ultimate body weight only training program for building muscular size.  If you train at home with limited equipment, then this plan is for you.  All you need is a pull-up bar, determination and your body.

Strength and Physique: Bodybuilding Calisthenics is available on Amazon and as an E-book.


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