Neo-Classical Bodybuilding

"Your second book is great. Your programs and diets helped me gain some pretty incredible results. A lot of skinny bastard people I used to go to school with see me, and they hardly recognize me. They ask me, 'How the hell did you get like that?"

"I tell them that it's all in [your] Strength and Physique books. The other day, one of those guys came up to me with your book telling me how awesome it was."

- Jason Griffiths

"I just wanted to say that I have been following your mesocycle program [from
Volume Two] and have seen excellent results after just a few weeks. I am in week 5 now, and my shirts are all of a sudden much smaller! I have been lifting for 5 years now and have never had results so quickly. Thank you!"

- Dan B.

Design bodybuilding programs to maximize your muscle growth!
Strength and Physique V2 not only provides you with an effective bodybuilding program, but it teaches you how to train for size, symmetry and strength so that you can create your own bodybuilding programs.

You will discover techniques to maximize your body's natural anabolic hormones: growth hormone, insulin and, of course, testosterone. You will also understand each muscle group's "personality" and how to tailor your training to develop any lagging muscle group. This book is packed with specialization routines for the chest, back, deltoids, arms, quads, hamstrings and calves.

SPV2: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding is a very dense read, and you will shortcut your learning curve by light years in the gym. Make no mistake. This program is tough physically and mentally and is meant solely for the intermediate to advanced bodybuilder looking to build a lot of muscle in all the right places.

Strength and Physique, Volume 2: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding is available on in print and as an E-Book.

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