Training for the Busy Bodybuilder

"Pretty much you are officially godlike to me. Every single exercise I do goes up by about 10-20 pounds each week. I am nearly benching 300 pounds. Whatever you say I will do."

- Lawrence Kwon, med student

Strength and Physique: Training for the Busy Bodybuilder is now available! The training outlined in this book is VERY different from anything that I have ever written. In fact, the training is almost the exact opposite of what I normally tell readers to do, which is to train briefly, intensely and frequently.

In my previous books, such as Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, I talked about the most you can do to achieve mass and muscularity in an ideal situation. If you are able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, then previous volumes of Strength and Physique will provide you with countless training programs to build maximum muscle through maximum effort.

In Strength and Physique, Volume 4, however, I’m going to show you the least you can do to achieve mass and muscularity while still living a life outside the gym. It's meant for the modern day Renaissance Man who wants a phenomenal physique, but also wants to live life and pursue other interests. This book is about maximum muscle through minimum effort.

This idea came about simply because my life has gotten busier and busier over the years. Most of us have to juggle work, family and hobbies, and yet most magazines and books will provide you training programs where you have to commit to the gym often and at regular frequencies. Many of these programs are either based on a periodization strategy and/or high frequency split training.

The problem with periodization programs is that you must commit to regular workouts. Each workout builds on the other; so missing a workout will compromise your strength and mass development. If you use a 3-4 way split routine that bodybuilders typically use, then missing a workout means missing needed work on a muscle lagging in size.

Strength and Physique, Volume 4 will show you how to train specifically and more effectively for a busy and unpredictable schedule. Make no mistake: for size and strength, a high frequency training program is superior to a low frequency training program. But if you cannot commit to 3-4 workouts evenly spaced throughout the week, then you have to train differently to make the best of a bad situation. This book will show you how to train on a low frequency program, so that way you can enjoy life outside the gym and be more than just a bodybuilder.

Strength and Physique: Training for the Busy Bodybuilder is available on

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