Diet and Supplementation Book?

"Hey James,

"I meant to say a while back [that] your third book is great! Very cool workouts that I want to try in the future. Love the article for women as well. Now I can finally get my girlfriend in shape.

"Anyway I just have two questions:

1. For the size and strength workout, you say to alternate between 2 workouts for 5 days a week. So this means Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do Workout #1, and Tuesday, Thursday do Workout #2? And for pull ups, should weight be added? Same question for sternum pull ups during the 3x3 week.

2. I'm wondering if you were thinking about writing a book related to other aspects of bodybuilding? Like the importance of sleep, dietary guidelines for bulking/cutting/etc, supplements and other important topics? I know it sounds like I'm kissing your ass or something but I don't know: ever since I started working out with your workout regimens I actually made progress. Your workout ideology is smart, and when I have better results doing one exercise per body part as opposed to three or four, it's hard to trust other trainers' opinions. So I trust your word, and it would be great to have a book on diet, what foods to eat, etc. I'm sure tons of others would love it as well.

"Well thats all. Hope you do decide to make that book though, haha."


My Answer: Glad you like the third volume, Craig. I appreciate the praise. To answer your questions:

1) For the size and strength program, you'll alternate the 2 workouts for five days, take a 2 day break and continue the alternation for 5 more days. So it will look like this:

Monday- Workout #1
Tuesday- Workout #2
Wednesday- Workout #1
Thursday- Workout #2
Friday- Workout #1
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Off
Monday- Workout #2
Tuesday- Workout #1
Wednesday- Workout #2
Thursday- Workout #1
Friday- Workout #2

For pull-ups and sternum pull-ups, use a weight that allows you to perform the required reps. So if you can perform more than 5 strict full range pull-ups in Weeks 1 and 2, then hang some weight on yourself. If not, then just stick with your bodyweight. Same goes for sternum pull-ups. Simply add or subtract weight as your strength increases or decreases from set to set, workout to workout.

2) With regards to another book on bodybuilding diet, I don't know if I have the time or inclination for a full blown diet and lifestyle book. I go over diet in Strength and Physique, Volume One, but I know what you're getting at. A book with recipes and meal plans and dietary philosophy would be helpful to you guys.

I will write a diet and lifestyle article in the future, but for now, let me give you some direction:

- With regards to diet, follow a meat and greens diet to be lean and muscular. It is far more complicated than this, and dieting should be in phases, just like training. I'll go over this in my article. But for now, if you want to keep it simple, then follow a Paleo Diet.

- With regards to supplementation, it will depend on what your goal is and at what phase of your training and dieting you are on (bulking or cutting): Supplementation for the Academy

- With regards to sleep, this is a no-brainer: Get some sleep! Sleep for as long as you can: 7-9 hours of continuous uninterrupted sleep is good. If you find that you're sleepy in the afternoon after lunch, then take a nap if you can. If you can't because you're at work, then don't worry about. Save naps for the weekends.
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