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Pyramid Your Reps, Pyramid Your Weight

Hello, I’m a 34 (soon to be 35) year old looking to gain muscle and weight. Although I eat a lot, (at least I think I do) I’ve been at 145-150 lbs for as long as I can remember. I saw your article on and would like to give it a try.

My only question with the pyramid program is: Do I change the weight for each rep? In other words, do I lift the weight 10 times with a certain weight and then 8 times with another weight, and so on and so forth? Or, do I find a weight that I can lift 15 times and do all sets with that weight?

Any help would be appreciated.

- M. Palacios

My Answer: Yes, adjust the weight according to the repetitions. Adjust the weight so that you come close to failure at each target rep.

Charles Poliquin and the BioSignature Method

Charles Poliquin talks about why you store fat in certain places and how it is an indicator of your hormonal profile.

Exercise A.D.D.

The other day my one year old daughter and I were at Border's bookstore. We were in the children's section, and I was, like a lot of parents with toddlers, looking for something to entertain my precocious baby girl.
She crawled around the store floor for a bit and then crawled right up to a young woman sitting on one of the tiny kids' chairs. My daughter propped herself up beside this young woman and then babbled something to get her attention.
"Oh hello!" she said. The woman had a pile of books by her side, and she was skimming through a book titled something to the effect of "the big book of exercises for women."

I asked her, "You looking to work a particular muscle group?"

She related that she was simply looking for something different, something new to learn. She told me she was a fitness competitor with a classic case of exercise A.D.D. She said that she gets bored easily and is always looking for new exercises or training routines, but th…

Academy Strength Training, Part 2

Q: I saw one of your articles on I am also a police officer. My department currently has an opening for Wellness Coordinator. I hope to fill the position.

I would like to bring something new to our department. Right now, I feel the physical training is below par. I am looking for ways to best train recruits. I have researched a lot of programs online, but I feel the same way you do, that the past and present training regimens are not beneficial to new officers.

Can you recommend any books and/or websites? Your help is much appreciated.

My Answer: Books... books... oh, I don't know... MY books might be good.

Seriously though, my books are good for recreational bodybuilders: guys just looking to get bigger, stronger and ripped. So the info in these books is not geared specifically for law enforcement, but more for men in general.

Now when you conduct the strength training of academy classes, you're always going to be limited by the equipment and the number of …