3 Crazy Characters in Every Gym

Now that I'm training at a commercial gym again, I'm starting to remember all the crazy behavior I've seen before in other gyms.  Luckily these behaviours don't hurt people, but it is funny to see some of this stuff go on:

The Partial Lifter- This guy doesn't ever do full reps.  He just does half reps no matter what the exercise: bench press, leg press, squat.  This guy is more worried about the pounds on the bar instead of a full range of motion.  He thinks he's strong, because he's pushing a lot of weight just a few inches. 

The Weight Dropper- This guys likes to drop his weights with a loud thud so that the entire gym can hear how much weight he's pushing, even if it is just a few inches.

The Interloper- If you're doing dips, pull-ups or some other exercise, then this guy will jump in between your sets and try to do more reps than you.  Or he'll try to do some fancy, more complicated version of the exercise your doing just to better you.  These guys might as well just pull their dicks out and pee a circle on the floor.


Mike said…
Love it! There's also the guy who leaves the squat rack, leg press, or bench press loaded so others can witness (and put away) all the iron he used.
James said…
Ha! Good one! I totally see that at my gym, too. I just use their max weight as my starting weight. Saves me the extra step of loading the bar.

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